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    Back-Office Business Process Automation (BPA) Software Suite

  • Our flagship product, the Fansoft Back-Office Business Process Automation (BPA) Software Suite, is designed specifically for operators in various industries requiring enhanced back-office operational efficiency and capacity. This software suite includes a range of advanced features:

    Payment Traffic Management

    Automatically regulates outward payment traffic flow, calibrated against business-specific parameters and thresholds to align with internal operational capacity and transaction risk management.

    Transaction Risk Management

    Profiles and scores each pending payment transaction based on predefined risk parameters, flagging transactions that fall outside acceptable risk boundaries to ensure compliance and fraud management.

    Dynamic Customer Profiling

    Profiles customers dynamically against set parameters to produce standardized quality ratings, facilitating rapid customer segmentation and database management.

    Parametric CRM Engine

    Automates customer messaging and communications based on dynamic customer profiles, ensuring personalized and appropriate interactions to enhance customer engagement.

  • Main Benefits

    Increased Efficiency and Automation

    Automate various back-office tasks such as payment processing, transaction risk management, and customer profiling. This frees up employees for other tasks and reduces the risk of human error.


    Improved Scalability

    Easily scaled to accommodate a growing customer base without needing to significantly increase human resources.

    Enhanced Security

    Designed with robust security features to protect sensitive customer data and financial transactions.

    Streamlined Workflows

    Integrate different back-office functions into a cohesive workflow, improving overall operational efficiency.

    Data-Driven Decision Making

    Collect and analyze data to provide valuable insights for better decision-making regarding customer management, risk assessment, and resource allocation.


  • How It Works



    We analyze your existing backend operations



    We propose how we can optimize the platform



    We integrate our solutions on top of your platform



    We help to run effectively high perfomance back-offices

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    Fansoft Limited is a company based in Cyprus, collaborating with experienced teams of engineers specializing in high-performance software systems that require real-time operations. Our expertise lies in developing and licensing advanced software application programs, ensuring efficiency and innovation in every solution we deliver.

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